Complimentary Coverage included free of charge with Western Toyota.

The Western Group of Companies is the only dealer group on the West Coast to offer Walkaway Protection. Customers who purchase a new vehicle from us will get Complimentary Walkaway coverage – free.

When You Buy a Car From Western Toyota

You get one year of complimentary WALKAWAY coverage. Within 10 days of purchasing your car you can choose to extend your coverage for the full term with more benefits.

Something Unexpected Happens.

You get sick, have an accident, become unemployed or experience another life-changing event and can no longer make your loan or lease payments on your car.

Return Your Car Without Penalty.

Depending on your coverage†, you can:

- Return your car without penalty or damaging your credit rating.

- Keep your car while WALKAWAY covers your payments.

Why You Need It?
  • Help Through the Unexpected

    While most plans provide coverage for only one or two life events, WALKAWAY covers many, including loss of employment.

    • Involuntary unemployment
    • Physical disability
    • Loss of driver’s license (age & medical)
    • International job transfer
    • Accidental death
    • Self-employed bankruptcy
    • Critical illness requiring hospitalization
    • Death due to critical illness
    • Temporary unemployment
    • Mental disability
  • Coverage No Matter What Your Situation

    Everyone qualifies regardless of age, health condition or employment record.

    This means:

    • No pre-existing health exclusions
    • No health questions or good health statements
    • Less restrictions and shorter waiting periods
    • No employment questions
    • No age limitations on complimentary coverage and less than 80 years of age on
    • all upgrade plans
    • Quicker claims settlement
    • More claims paid
  • Protection and Peace of Mind

    WALKAWAY protects your finances, credit rating and your car.


    Let’s say you hit an unforeseen rough patch and can no longer make payments on your car. WALKAWAY products cover the difference between the value of your car and what you owe the financial institution, up to $25,000, and let’s you return it.

    Credit Rating

    Your credit rating is unaffected by WALKAWAY because it’s considered an early buy-out by your financial institution.


    Some WALKAWAY products include payment relief options. Payments can be made on your behalf for up to twelve months. When your payments are exhausted, you can still return your car if your condition persists. Your dealer may also suggest an alternate vehicle option to you.

  • Legal

    1Loss of Licence for Age or Medical reasons only. 2Mental and physical disability. 3Physical disability only. 4International Job Transfer is not available in the province of Alberta or Saskatchewan. 5Accidental Death is not available in the province of British Columbia. 6Self Employed Bankruptcy is not available in the province of Saskatchewan. All full-term protection products are available on terms up to 96 months. This represents a summary of coverages and does not form a part of the certificate of insurance. Employment related coverages (excluding disability) begin on the 91st day. Please consult your certificate of insurance for complete details regarding how you qualify. Copyright © 2017, under licence to Insurance Insight Inc. All rights reserved, unauthorized use, reproduction, or disclosure is prohibited.

Build a WALKAWAY Plan that Works for You

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