Bike Racks, Roof Boxes, and More

At Western Toyota, we have an extensive inventory of genuine Toyota parts and accessories to offer. Whatever your needs, there is a part or accessory that will be able to meet it at Western Toyota. Chat with our Toyota parts experts today as well as our representatives in the Accessories Department.

Western Toyota offers a wide selection of genuine Toyota parts. Because our parts inventory is so large, we only use genuine Toyota parts and accessories in all of our repairs. This means we most likely have the part you’re looking for in stock. If we don’t, we can order it directly from Toyota and notify you when it arrives.

We also have a number of genuine Toyota accessories to offer, including bike racks, roof boxes, ski racks, trailer hitches, and more. Our technicians can install all this on-site. Toyota accessories are also protected by a comprehensive warranty. You can include accessories in your financing at the time of purchase.

Contact us today to learn more about genuine Toyota parts and accessories at Western Toyota.

Genuine Toyota Parts & Accessories